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Who we are

Since 2012, FED (Forever Dreaming) came to exist purely because of a passion for all things video games and art. We've been gaming since we were kids, and our retro logo represents our legacy and love of games. We pride ourselves in being a progressive Gaming Lifestyle Brand. We are currently based out of Arizona and growing our team nationwide. Highlighting our growth is that although we're fairly new, we've quickly built a community of followers with the same passion for gaming.

Our Goal

We currently focus on making wearable merchandise and accessories. Our goal is to provide gamers with merchandise that they can not only use at gaming conventions but in their everyday life. We Are A Vision. We Are A Movement. We Are A Family. Thank you for The Support! We cant say it enough, our plan is to work with new upcoming streamers, create a competitive space and grow our FAMILY into a community of passionate gamers who bring out the best of us here at Forever Dreaming. without all of you who have shown us support there is no FED Community . Our goals here at Forever Dreaming is to make the most fun and rewarding community for all of you! We are designing Products and events we look forward to sharigng with all of you. We will be asking our FED Family for feedback on whatever it is we are working on, and build this community together. We look forward to collaborating with all of you to create a true “Play-’Makers Paradise“. FED Team.